Our aim is to support people all over the globe who have suffered incredible hardships as a result of natural disasters and to raise awareness of all the amazing things being done by people all over the globe to raise money for incredible causes.

We aim to do this by livestreaming with Periscope from the affected areas by people on the ground and by livestreaming the incredible stories, and charitable efforts being done by people.

Periscope allows you to see life through someone else’s eyes and we want to highlight what life is like for those truly affected, and how we can start in some small way to help them and their families rebuild their lives.

Periscope also allows us to find those people who are doing incredible things to raise money and to hear their stories.

Sadly, once the eye of the media is no longer focussed on the events of the natural disaster, it’s easy to forget the people and how they are suffering. We want to use Periscope to livestream from those areas so that people don’t forget and can see the difference they can make.

We would love you to join #ScopeForGood. All you need to do is ADD the #hashtag #ScopeForGood on your Periscope Bios AND please Join our community on ScopeForGood.

Please visit our website: ScopeForGood.Org