Periscope and Me

Have we entered a brave new world of Digital Creativity?

I have become popular on Periscope because I share tips, hints and secrets about Periscope everyday. Using @alexpettitt I broadcast around 1pm and 10pm (UK Time) because it’s the optimum times to catch as many people globally. I keep my content varied and engaging and for special events there could be several mini broadcasts. I recently was honoured to do a collaboration with Sky Sports F1 and the new FIA Formula E championship. It perfectly showed off the power of this new broadcast platform in terms of getting “behind the scenes” live streaming with instant communication with your audience.

“This is true audience participation because with live integrated hearts and comments whilst I broadcast, I can change the rhythm and content as my show progresses and tailor it to what the audience are enjoying. It’s the instant feedback that traditional broadcasters have been dreaming of for years. I engage with the audience as I present and that’s what makes this app a game changer”.

Already being a live streaming expert and full time Creative Technologist it was no surprise then that I was going to embrace Periscope.

“I was at Twitter HQ UK the very day Periscope launched worldwide. They gave me a “heads up” and I was able to be one of the first to join the app”.

Now with over 1.2 Billion Android and Apple iOS phones and tablets worldwide, I think this means two things for me. My audience for my tips and tricks will become vast, and brands will be falling over themselves to find creative and engaging ways to bring this platform into their social media strategies. I’ve already worked with some of the largest brands and broadcasters around the globe, pushing social media and technology to its boundaries, and creating highly engaging and effective content.

I have already developed my Periscope broadcasting technique with a number of powerful firsts. I’ve premiered bringing in multiple guests from around the world, all with perfect professional audio, feeding into my Periscope stream. I have created a standard dial up number for my fans to call, and with crystal clear audio, they were able to participate in my Periscopes like never before. I am now working on building further technologies and products to enhance Periscope broadcasts and am already arranging collaborations at several major events along with celebrity interviews over the Summer.

Most of all, I still love enthusing over the product and being a kind of unofficial ambassador for it.