About Me

Being based in Shoreditch, the very heart of London’s digital media, I am a full time Creative Technologist. This means I use the latest technologies in unique and creative ways. My work involves designing social media campaigns where the content engages and activates the audience. I work with global brands and broadcasters.

I have recently been Highly Commended at the prestigious Brand Republic Digital Awards in the Rising Star category, for my work at Telegraph Hill. Telegraph Hill is one of the UK’s most forward thinking and creative agencies.

Rising Star Winner

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I am a live streaming expert and YouTube Certified professional. I was highlighted by BBC Radio 1’s Gemma Carney for my work on “The Fox Problem”, which is a great illustration of using technology in a creative and adaptive way:


One global name, HP, has already featured me exclusively in an ad campaign associating my creative use of technology with its mobile products.


Following the release of Twitter’s hot new broadcasting App called Periscope, I was a very early adopter. In the first 4 months following Periscope’s launch in April, I had an incredible 45 Million Likes (Periscope calls them Hearts) and my broadcasts have generated over 100,000 loyal followers in that same short period. This has made me No1 in the UK and Europe, and No3 in the World on Periscope’s Most Loved list. I’m extremely enthusiastic over this product and enjoy being a kind of unofficial ambassador for it. Click here to read more about my plans for Periscope

As part of my work at Telegraph Hill I’m responsible for media spend strategies for UK and global brands. Using specially formulated ‘insights and analytics’ tools I can identify key target groups. Designing the media spend strategy and incorporating feedback loops for constant monitoring of performance and efficiency, allows me to always target the right audience with the budgeted spend. This achieves campaign success for the client in driving cost per click down and engagement up.



I have co-founded #ScopeForGood supporting people all over the globe who have suffered incredible hardships and raising awareness for charitable events. Click here to read more about #ScopeForGood

Early Background:

In my first year at the University of Kent I co-established KTV, the campus TV station, with a mere £5,000 of equipment funding. Adapting to the roles of presenter, cameraman, vision mixer and director I creatively pushed the boundaries and KTV won two awards in its very first year.

I was presenting on my local radio from the age of 17. I co-hosted Saturday Sports 2-6pm for Southend Radio and Chelmsford Radio. I introduced the stations to social media, developing simple strategies to enhance programming and increase audience figures.